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Where the mountaineers find their favorite crisps

Every single week, we hear from mountain enthusiasts searching for Kantefølflak on store shelves. You inspire us to reach further, to make our chips available in every corner of Norway. A big thank you to all who ask for us – together, we are marking a new trail for the top!

On a national basis, we are proud to be in the "volunteer assortment" at Norgesgruppen's stores such as Meny, Spar and Joker. In our heart, Hallingdal and nearby areas, you will also find us at Coop and REMA 1000. For those on the go, we have the pleasure of being available at MIX-chain and Deli de Luca.

On the distribution side, we roll with Asko, DLVRY, and ServiceGrossistene. We stand shoulder to shoulder with Hallingkost. In the HORECA world, we are proud partners with NHO Reiseliv and NORES. For the homebodies, we are just a click away at Oda and Dyrket.

We are passionate about authentic products, Norwegian ownership, and diversity in the snack aisle. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for choosing to support meaningful, Norwegian-owned products.

Are you missing Kantefølflak at your local store? Contact us.