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Ask for Kantefølflak in the store

Would you, like us, want all flavor variants and packaging sizes to be available in "your" stores and kiosks? Request us and ask when the store will stock Kantefølflak and do like other Kanteføl followers – share it on social media!

Contact Kantefølflak AS

If you need help persuading your store - contact Tonny or Anders:

Tonny Eriksen Salesmanager Chipsfabrikken AS

Email: tonny[a]

Anders "Chipsreder" Medhus Founder and owner, Kantefølflak®

Email: hei[a]

Other useful links: Privacy - Kantefølflak in the media - The history about kanteføl - Nutritional content - and not least where you can adorn yourself with clothing featuring the Kantefølflak logo and potato prints sent to us.

For other inquiries, use the form below.

Thank you.

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