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Hike lore

Photos and hiking stories have been sent to us.

As you explore the map, create a new hiking destination by dragging the 'Google figure' into the map landscape.

May you find inspiration to create new, memorable moments with Kantefølflak on your next journey.

Joy might be found in the rustle of a bag opening, in the crunch of crisp flakes, and in a well-earned pause half way to the top. At the mountain's summit, on a day graced with beauty, where the view stretches clear in every direction. It's one of those fleeting moments that pass by, yet you hold onto it, for it lifts your spirits on the grey days crowded with tasks. A memory that promises the next mountain hike is not far away. Open the bag of crisps in the company of friends, listen closely as folks help themselves - isn't it much like the music from the mountains?

Wishing you lots of wonderful journeys ahead!