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Between the mountains, from Svalbard to Hallingdal

The idea of Kantefølflak came to us during a study trip to Svalbard (highest mountain Newtontoppen 1712 m.a.s.l.) in 2016. A group of people from Hallingdal discussed everything between fjords and mountains, including chips and crisps. The old dialect word for potato, 'kanteføl', was mentioned, and the idea for Kantefølflak was born.

Back home, the long journey began towards what is today a taste test winner and Norway's third registered trademark for crisps.

In addition to a lot of trial and error in the kitchen, we searched for the local and authentic in old village books and other historical sources. The goal has always been to bring a locally produced quality product, a delicacy among crisps, to the market. Where every single chip also represents diversity, sustainability, and cultural heritage – a product with a meaning greater than its function.

More about this story, the journey as a Kanteføl founder, consumer power, motorcycle trips, and life in Hallingdal is about to materialize in the form of the book "You don't get to the mountain without facing uphill". More info to come, stay tuned!

Kantefølflak has been produced by Chipsfabrikken AS in Kristiansand since 2019, which opened the same year.